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Traffic - reusable cable bottle joints for single and multicore traffic power cables.

IP68 certified waterproof and dustproof seal.

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Unique RECO (Reusable ECO-friendly) design
Designed and manufactured by PTC, these reusable cable bottle joints for single and multicore traffic power cables use a unique glanding system that does not require resin or gel to maintain the integrity of the electrical termination. This means it can be opened and resealed unlimited times without specialist tools, heat sources or chemical protection being required. The result is no COSHH or shelf life issues. The transparent enclosures enable the cable terminations to be viewed without opening the joint.

The joints can be supplied with a range of internal terminal blocks and the outer canisters are available in a variety of colours. Options include straight and branch joints, multi-height variations, mounting chassis (standard and bespoke), plus joints for multi-core cables with O/D of up to 25mm.

Quality and Certification
• Assessed to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2000.
• Fully tested by BSI.
• Water and dust proof tested to IP 68 Cat. 1 (BS EN 60529).

Specified by the UK Highways Agency for all MIDAS installations and by many Local Authorities for inductive loop applications. Proven in over 60,000 locations worldwide.

Construction materials
The joints are manufactured from rugged polycarbonate, glass filled polypropylene and nylon 6 with high impact strength at low temperatures. Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C.

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Pic of Traffic Bottle Joint BS4FF8TB8.Pic of Traffic Bottle Joint BS2FFTB4+CS14-2CPic of installed traffic bottle joint  

Pit Clamp
For applications where the reusable joint is required to be regularly inspected or lifted clear of standing mud or water, PTC supply a wall mounted joint clamp. The clamps are available to suit all the joint types.

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