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Lightweight Brackets.

Innovative design and unique materials.

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NEW Super Lightweight Traffic Signal Head/Above Ground Detector Brackets.
Our new two-part bracket utilises a unique combination of materials and innovative design (Pat. Pending) to provide a strong and flexible mounting for all UK-approved standard signal heads and above ground detectors.

The brackets are moulded from high quality nylon which overcomes the inherent corrosion and weight issues associated with conventional mild steel brackets. The unique design of the brackets includes integrated pole mounting pads to reduce costs and installation time and also includes slots to enable them to be adjusted along the bracket lengths. The brackets come with all the required fixings and fittings. They have been weight tested to support up to 120kg.

The PTC patented (pat. pend) 'birds-nest' stabilised rib design provides additional strength and flexibility. It also offers a welcome non-slip surface finish to aid on-site handling. The birds nest design of the brackets also provides lateral flexibility which helps minimise damage should vehicles strike glancing blows to the signal heads or detectors.

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