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"The TechMAC ethos is focused on network improvement. During the review of system performance we identified an unacceptably high level of buried loop failures within the Midlands region.

Investigation revealed this was due to a breakdown of the resin joints traditionally used to joint a loop to the network cabling and back to the equipment cabinets. It was decided to trial the re-enterable joint from PTC Traffic which has a number of practical advantages over resin joints.

Not only was it quicker and easier to install - with an average time saving of 50%, it was proven to be more effective for visible post installation inspection. The joint is also re-usable if physical damage occurs to the loop cable. telent has initiated a programme of complete joint replacement in the Midlands region for the Highways Agency as part of our network improvement process and have used many hundreds of the PTC Traffic joints.

There has been zero failures of the joint in fifteen months of use. The combination of all of these factors; ease of installation, re-usability, ease of inspection and reliability makes this product a very attractive cost effective alternative to a conventional resin joint."

Stephen Bird, Head of Programme Delivery for telent

Pic of telent engineer working with PTC joints  
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