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The CabiLIFT™ Traffic Signal Cabinet Lifting Device.

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The CabiLIFT™ Cabinet Lifting Device provides a safe two-man method of operation to carry and place most types of traffic signal cabinets, up to a maximum rated weight of 136kg, while reducing risk of injury to operators and of material damage due to mishandling.

It helps you meet the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 and Guidance booklet. This requires employers to identify, examine and assess all manual handling operations occurring in the work place with a view to identifying where there may be a risk of injury and to determine measures to reduce the risk of injury to the lowest level reasonably practicable.

Easy to use.
The CabiLIFT uses suction force from a pair of hand operated vacuum pads integrated into the aluminium handle assembly. These pads are designed to grip and provide a 101.3 KN/m² vacuum seal onto non-porous surfaces such as metal cabinets, glass panels and plastic sheets.

The lightweight but tough design enables it to be carried in vehicles at all times to complement the toolbox of many trades. No specialist tools, specialist pumps or electrical power sources are required. The CaiLIFT can be used either with a carrying bar or without as shown below.

Safety features.
Each CabiLIFT vacuum cup is equipped with features to enhance worker safety, such as a red-line indicator, which warns the user of any vacuum loss and a protected quick release button. Every vacuum cup is individually tested before it ships to make sure it functions properly and satisfies all quality standards.

Each device is CE marked and fully tested and rated to carry loads up to 136kg (2:1 safety rating as per TÜV SÜD GS requirements).


2 men using cabilft to lift traffic signal cabinet 2 men using cabilft to lift traffic signal cabinet 2 men using cabilft to lift traffic signal cabinet2 men using cabilft to lift traffic signal cabinet
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