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NEW Super Lightweight Traffic Signal Head/Above Ground Detector Brackets.
PTC have launched a new two-part bracket that utilises a unique combination of materials and innovative design (Pat. Pending) to provide a strong and flexible mounting for all UK-approved standard signal heads and above ground detectors.

NEW Pit Clamp.
PTC have introduced a new wall mounted joint clamp for occassions where the reusable joint is required to be regularly inspected or lifted clear of standing mud or water. The clamps are available to suit all the joint types.

NEW Plastic Adjustable Louvered Hood.
In order to improve on the mechanical reliability and optical performance, we have recently launched the 'Plastic' Adjustable Louvered Hood. It is manufactured from UV stabilised polyproplene and comes complete with fixings to suit all UK signal heads.
The adjustable baffles feature a unique design to diffuse the light projected by LED signals in order to prevent signal 'jumpers'.

Pic of lightweight bracketPic of pit clampPic of plastic hood  
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